​What Initials Are On Your BB Crème?

Posted by Vera Moore on 21st Jun 2016

What Initials Are On Your BB Crème?
F+M = YPSC - I know you're saying what is that, Vera? Well…..

Every day there is another “BB”crème alleged for the perfect skin tone match. There’s a “A” “B” “C” and I understand something will be rolling out soon that is a “D” crème...

Eventually we will totally exhaust the entire alphabet and then what?

What happened to our basic commonsense? We are so sophisticated now we tend to overlook the basic rule  "keep it simple stupid.” (I learned that 30 years ago in my first business course)
(i.e. I used to always buy salad dressings, now I make my own. I bought a pretty bottle and purchased some herbs from the supermarket. It was absolutely fresh, delicious and cost effective.)

Sorry, I got off course a bit…back to the alphabets!

I think I may have a solution. I, Vera Moore, solemnly vow this is the absolute truth. I have personally tried this method. It gives the perfect protection and always the perfect match. ITWORKS!

OK. Here’s the BIG SECRET! Lol
A. Select your color foundation ( whatever color you wear) = “F”
B. Select your SPF moisturizer – Broadspectrum UVA/UVB = “M”
C. Put a little dab of each in the palm of your hands and rub together. Voila!
D. Your Perfect Signature Color! F+M= “YPSC”

YPSC -Your Perfect Signature Color…..It’s absolutely Moorefabulous!
Now I know there is going to be a pessimist that is going to say. “ Come on Vera, no one wants to carry two bottles around.” You’re absolutely right!

You don’t have to. Remember what your Grandma did. Made lemons into lemonade.

Get a cute little bottle from Duane Reade/Walgreens, mix your foundation color and moisturizer together and