Body Wraps


Body wraps are known for their highly beneficial values of detoxifying, slimming, and hydrating.  All body wraps start with a dry brushing exfoliation to allow optimal product absorption before the cocooning begins. The added value of a warm thermal blanket helps to promote the release of toxins and excess water from the skin. For optimal results a series is recommended, one wrap per week for six weeks.

 60 min. $110 


Mud /Clay Wrap         

       Detoxify, cleanse and firm from head to toe. Known for increasing circulation mud is thought to ease water retention, cleanse the pores by drawing out impurities, removing toxins from the skin thereby tightening and firming. Pain relief and muscle relaxation are additional benefits that have been associated with this body wrap. 

 Algae/ Seaweed Wrap

       Rich in vitamins and amino acids, these wraps are designed to help increase your metabolism and enhance overall skins’ health. The purpose of these stimulating wraps is to draw out impurities, remove toxins and replace important minerals.  

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