CEO & Founder - Vera Moore

Vera Moore is a  former actress turned entrepreneur is President & CEO of the highly competitive family owned business, Vera Moore Cosmetics. Over the past 5 years Vera has built one of the most progressive and prestigious cosmetics and skincare lines for the global market.

Vera was contracted on national television as one of the first black actresses on the soap opera “Another World” NBC where she portrayed “Linda Metcalf” for ten years. She immediately realized the void in the market for quality products for women of color, specifically a natural looking foundation that didn’t rub off on your clothes. This gave birth to Vera Moore Cosmetics. Her journey has lead to national recognition on the covers of Black Enterprise Magazine, Network Journal’s 25 Influential Black Women in Business, Networking Women, featured in the Wall Street Journal, Upscale Magazine, Beauty Store Business, received the Success Stories Award from Volvo Cars of North America, has hosted her own half hour radio segment “Skin Deep & Moore on WWRL Radio and featured in Black Enterprise’s Book Collection - "Against All Odds”. She holds many credits for other television programs and Broadway shows including the Tony Award winning Broadway Musical “Purlie Victorious.

Vera is an active participant in the community and several organizations. A coveted motivational speaker participating at the National Minority Business Council Conference, Small Business Development Centers, the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurial Conference and the Women’s Power Summit in 2012.She is an active board member on The New York Women Chamber of Commerce, and Chair of Women on a Mission, for Best Buddies. An organization specifically dedicated to address the needs of autistic children. As a passionate advocate for women owned businesses; Vera continues to strive to knock down barriers that impede their growth by leveling the playing field. In 1982, Vera broke through the color barrier when her company became the first black-owned business to set up shop in the 50 year history at the prestigious Green Acres Mall, Valley Stream, Long Island NY.

Vera spoke at the first Urban Economic Council presented by the White House Business Council, the White House Council on Women and Girls and the US Small Business Administration.

Vera’s products are used on Stage, Screen and TV. Cosby Show, Wendy Williams Show, etc. Emmy award winning makeup artists, celebrities, news anchor women, and women from all walks of life solicit Vera’s products and services. Vera was featured in WWD and the Wall Street Journal announcing her partnership with Duane Reade as she continues to expand and position her company to grow the VMC brand. Duane Reade’s store within a store concept is the new destination of choice for beauty, in an upscale high-end environment called the “LOOK boutique.” 

Chief Operating Officer - Consuella Helms

Vera’s daughter, Consuella Helms is a key player in the business and travels throughout the country training store cosmeticians on the advantages and uses of their extremely relevant pro.

  • Dress for Success
  • Rikers Island Wm Prison Program
  • Am. Wm Economic Dev.
  • National Minority Business Council
  • Caribbean Chamber of Commerce
  • WLIW Channel 2l
  • Long Island Fund For Wm & Girls
  • 100 Black Women
  • Black Women Enterprises
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • National Association of Women Bs Owners
  • Girls Scouts
  • UNAYO Girls Workshops
  • Another World Soap Opera
  • Search For Tomorrow
  • As the World Turns
  • A World Apart
  • The Leslie Uggams Show-Calif.
  • Phil Donohue Show
  • The Old Settler Movie
  • PBS Ch 13 w/ Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen
  • The Scott Joplin Opera Treemonshia - Broadway
  • A Teaspoon Every Hour - Broadway
  • Tony Award Winning “Purlie Victorious”- Broadway

One of the most important assets of a performer in the entertainment field is to have healthy, glowing skin. Heavy cover up is passé. Today's makeup is lighter and more see-through. Being exposed to all kinds of working conditions, long hours, hot lights, heavy stage make-up etc. actress/entrepreneur Vera Moore realized the need to fill the void for quality cosmetics especially for women of color, a foundation that wasn't wasn't greasy, oily, turned red and rubbed off on her clothes at the mere touch. This gave birth to a family owned business Vera Moore Cosmetics.

VERA MOORE is President and CEO of a highly competitive business, Vera Moore Cosmetics. She has national recognition as one of the first black actresses to be contracted on a national television show when she portrayed "Linda" on Another World Soap Opera for 12 years.

  • The Antwone Fisher Story – w/ Denzel Washington
  • The Billy Cosby Show
  • The Guru
  • Saturday Night Live
  • NBC New
  • Black Enterprise – Cover
  • Network Journal – Cover
  • Networking Journal – Cover
  • Minority Business Journal – Feature story
  • Upscale Magazine
  • Hair & Style
  • Happi
  • Craines
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Daily News
  • Kip Magazine
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