As Miss Los Angeles Latina 2013 and Miss California Latina 2014 Top 10 Finalist, I am proud to share that I wear Vera Moore Cosmetics on the pageant runway stage, red carpets and for my everyday makeup routine.  

 I have been using the make up products now for seven months and they are part of my daily makeup routine. My go to foundation is Vera Moore's Sheer Beginning Liquid Foundation, which gives great coverage and a super smooth finish. I love that I always receive compliments while wearing it. Along with their liquid concealer, which does a phenomenal job of covering the dark circles under my eye. These two products work magically together and always helping me look my best.

 As well as their lipsticks and eye shadows, they are truly gorgeous and come equipped with ideal pigmentation and smooth finish. I have noticed with Vera Moore Cosmetics, I always receive smooth, quality finish. Whether it's with their foundation, lipsticks or eye shadows, Vera Moore Cosmetics creates the best quality makeup for women to look picture perfect.

Thank you Vera!

Adriana Michelle Davalos


I have used Vera Moore products when they were located in Kings Plaza. When I found out they had moved to another location I was heart broken, yes heart broken because I love their makeup and the great service I always received. I contacted the company spoke to Ms. Vera Moore, she requested that I send her a Picture of me, after doing so Ms. Moore sent me samples for me to choose from and that she felt would compliment my complexion,Toastee and Amber were my choices from the many she sent to me. She also sent me a List of their different locations.

after trying them I ordered Amber then later I ordered Toastee both of them are fantastic, I later wanted a Concealer,which I ordered on 4/22/13 and received on 04/23/13 Glory who was so kind and helpful helped me with my choice, I let her know the two foundations that I'd already purchased and needed to know what concealer would compliment me the best, she chose #3 concealer, she also explained to me that the the concealer must be lighter than the foundation, which by the way I did not know that. I used the product this morning(04-24-13) and I was truly amazed at how the concealer covered the dark spot, you could not even see any trace, the makeup is fantastic.

I must admit I have tried other concealers but NONE!! can hold a candle to Ms. Moore's product. I am truly happy that I am able to order her products which includes next day service or go to my nearest Duane Reade store I have choices.

I found that I was wasting money looking for the right foundation for me since learning of the relocation of Vera Moore,because I alone was unable to match correctly and ended up not using them.

Vera Moore was my help, she looked at a picture, sent me samples that would best fit me I made my choice/choices and Gloria helped me from that point on, I must commend Gloria for knowing the product and the choice she made for me which was perfect. Many may not believe this, I needed a product from Vera Moore went to where I knew they were and they were gone I thought perhaps they moved upstairs I questioned the security guard to ask where are they located now that's when I found out they had moved from kings plaza all together.

In my Opinion and from personal use of her product there is nothing out here to compare, I am forever a Vera Moore Customer, I am very Happy. Thank You so Much.

Mrs. Jacqueline Williams

Good morning, thank you so much for your reply I can not tell you how surprised I was to see your response most companies don't have the time or just overlook comments their customers make concerning their products. I live in Washington, DC I just wanted to say something else I am 53 years old and I told the young lady that I wanted something that would make me pop I consider myself somewhat of a Diva LOL I don't like boring things and when she started showing me the makeup line I told my co-workers this is it your colors are most def made for the woman of color!! I will be going back next week to purchase the foundation, concealer, and the Fuschia lip gloss I received the Vera red nail polish and top coat as a free gift for spending $30 which was a plus as well cause my co-worker spent $60 on another brand of products and got nothing.

Pamelia Vereene

Thank you so much for your generosity I appreciate you. Looking forward to looking good with my lipstick and lip gloss.

Diane Griffin Cummings

Upon entering, I was amazed at the changes in Duane Reade since my last visit, perhaps a year before. I found myself mesmerized by the choices in the cosmetic aisle and with the help of a very informed sales person; I was directed to the Vera Moore products. That was the beginning of my appreciation for the Vera Moore CONCEALER. Since I do not live in NYC, I now order the Concealer (I use #6) online.

McCall Credle Rosenthal

This is not really an issue but a thank you to Vera Moore. I got a really bad sunburn while taking photos at the 2012 Fashion on the Hudson event. I was really impressed with her overwhelming kindness, and her product worked wonders on my incredibly sunburned shoulders. I just wanted to thank her.

Patricia Pitts

I Love Vera Moore. I remember as a kid i used to live upstairs from her store and me and her daughter use to play and i always said when i get older I wanna wear her line it's fab and I love her! Lipsticks, blush and all. Also cinderella is the best XOXOX

Channel Francis

I've used VeraMoore cosmetics for over 19 years; since I was 18 years old. IO er the years, I have received many compliments on my makeup and my skin and I am always proud to say, "It's Vera Moore". The colors I use are perfect for my complection and enhance my beauty. I've tried other main stream products but none of them ever compared to Vera's. I love her products!

Stacey-Anne Johnson

My mom has suffered with bad acne ever since she hit puberty. She has used a numerous amount of acne products that have either worsen the skin or did not improve it at all. As I was working, I came across Vera Moore Cosmetics and I chose to use it as a way to get rid of my oily skin. When I used it I realized this is the perfect product for me so I told my mom about it and had her use it as well. Within two weeks of using the Vera Moore Botanical Nova Complex, I began to see her skin clearing. A few months later everyone could see the dynamic change. She always tell me she cant go a day without her product because it is essentially a drug for her skin that has helped tremendously.

Shelby Alvarez

I purchased your product at a Duane Reade recently and was very pleased. Is there anywhere else that you product is sold?

Marilyn Newmark

I have very dry skin and I am constantly on the look out for moisturizing body cream, lotion doesn\'t have a chance. The Spa line saved me! Not only did I smell heavenly all day, I was silky smooth, no small feat I might add. It is the only product that works in the winter months.

My only problem is that I go through the body cream rather quickly.

Susan NYC

I've shared my brief experience with you and your product with quite a number of people because I was not only impressed by the way the product worked, I was equally impressed by your sense of caring. This speaks volumes of your character, and certainly is a clear reflection of your success as a business woman.

You don't stumble upon compassion that often in the business world. Thank you again.

Patricia Pitts

I meant to write this email quite some time ago, but I’ve been a little busy. I’m just writing to let you know I met one of your Beauty consultants at Duane Reade on Main Street Flushing. First let me say I was glad to know your products are still available. When my daughter (who is 14) asked me if she could wear makeup I was a bit worried. I feel she does not need it. I wore make up once in my whole entire life. And that one time was many years ago from your cosmetic line in Green Acers . I no longer wear makeup ( I’m from old school Mt Gerizim need I say more LOL)further more I know nothing about make up. But I wanted my daughter to get a consultation before putting on any make up so Imagine my dismay when I found out your store was no longer in Green Acres. I knew Vera Moore Cosmetics was still around I just did not know where to find them. So I went on a frantic search and finally found you right here in Flushing. Lucy at the Duane Reade was great with my daughter. She taught my daughter proper skin care. She did put a little make up on my daughter not a lot it looked nice. But for now my daughter is happy to use just your cleansing and moisturizing products and your navy blue mascara. So Thanks to Lucy for not just selling things to my daughter just because my daughter wanted it or just to make a sale. She took her time and explained everything to my daughter. She helped my daughter see what I already told her she is beautiful just the way she is. And she has learned how to maintained that beauty. Thanks Vera and Lucy We will now be loyal customers of your Navy blue mascara, skin cleanser ,moisturizers , and…..well you don’t make sun screen but we buy that now also.


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